Six hours is a long time, is there any way that we can leave a little early if we don’t take breaks?

No. In order to receive full credit for attending the class you must stay with us for a total of 6 hours. There are NO exceptions.

What is the class like?

The class is 6 hours with 1 hour of breaks. Our instructors utilize lecture, discussions, articles, and videos during class.

What if I don’t have a driver’s license, or mine is suspended; can I still take the class?

Yes. The reason that we ask you for your driver’s license is to verify that you are who you say you are. We’ll accept another form of ID such as a school issued ID, or equivalent.

Is the food/meal included in the cost of the course?


What if I need my certificate ASAP?

We can help! You can pay an extra $10 to have your certificate printed and mailed to you right after taking the class (average delivery time is 1-3 days – not guaranteed), or you can pay an extra $25 to have your certificate delivered to you the next day by a courier service.

Do I need a driving record?

In most cases you do. The requirement will be listed on your paperwork that was given to you by the court. You can order and receive your driving record online by going to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website. You will need to order “Type 3A” which is valid for when you take a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket.

Do you offer classes online?

Click here for more information.

Is your school certified to dismiss my ticket?

Yes. We are licensed by the State of Texas: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Our school number is C2316 and our course provider number is CP338.

Do you have classes in Spanish?

Yes. Click here you can also call us at 585-8300 if you have any other questions.

Do I have to pre-register for the class, or make an appointment?

Absolutely NOT. We do not take appointments. Just show up 15 minutes before class is going to start to register. For example, if class starts at 4:00pm show up at 3:45pm and you’ll be just fine.